BioClinicum is Karolinska University Hospitals building for research and education. The building poses a hub for pre-clinical and clinical reaseach with almost 100 research groups working within a single geographical area.

BioClinicum is located at the center of the Karolinska Solna site with entrances on Solnavägen 30 and Akademiska Stråket 1. The building creates a bridge between Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital as well as a center for research and education within the hospital.

BioClinicum has 10 floors: the upper floors are home to the research laboratories whereas lower floors are devoted to education facilities, imaging and production. The Education and Conference center, our conference venue, is located on street level (floor 3)


Conference Secretariat
Academic Conferences
phone: +46 18 67 15 33 or +46 18 67 10 03

Important dates

  • April 2021, Registration open
  • 15 July, last day for early bird fee
  • 26 July, last day to book hotel room to the conference price

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Karolinska Institutet,
Karolinska University Hospital
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