Aula Medica – Erling Persson auditorium

Aula Medica, a large modern building made of colored glass. Photo.The ATP1A3 symposium 2021 will be held at Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna, in the building Aula Medica. Address of Aula Medica main entrance: Nobels väg 6, Solna.

Aula Medica, from 2013, boasts an auditorium with 1,000 seats, offices for about 100 people, 100 conference places, two restaurants and a cafe. Nobel lectures are arranged here, as well as scientific symposia, academic ceremonies and conferences.

In our time of Covid-19 pandemic, we can assure possibility for social distancing in our conference venue. The surroundings approximated for up to 1,000 persons, will give plenty of space for our symposium which is planned for 100-120 persons.

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Important dates

Registration closes August 21 2021

Arranged by

Karolinska Institutet,
Karolinska University Hospital
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